Daily Prompt

Guilty Pleasures – Contoversy

Daily Prompt -Controversy Let's accept it. We all love controversy. As much as we all deny it, controversy and drama are our guilty pleasures. Some might think it's wrong to budge into other people's personal lives where it's unwanted, but it's human nature. It's in every human's nature to indulge themselves in drama and controversy… Continue reading Guilty Pleasures – Contoversy

Daily Prompt

Is Luck Just A Figment of Our Imagination ?

Daily Prompt - Luck Luck . Four letters . One Syllable . Every person defines it differently , every religion interprets it differently , but is luck an actual phenomenon or is it just our imagination playing tricks with us ? The word itself originated in the 1400-1500 as a part of Late Middle English… Continue reading Is Luck Just A Figment of Our Imagination ?