She sat their held to the chair , the rusting chains so tight , her arms strained . On her feet it tied so hard , it left bruises on the surface .  The candle above slowly started dripping wax , slowly falling down her shoulder , drop by drop , it sat there , […]


Every drop that fell on her blood stained face didn’t seem to wash away the pain that came with it .  The deep scaly scars imprinted on her sunlit skin didn’t show the monsters feeding off of her .  The rose thorns beneath her feet didn’t seem to visually deceive her more than those rock […]


*please read the droplet (post) before this titled Trapped* I sat there . Chained . Deprived . Weak . I sat there blaming every other person that led me to be locked it this dark room , where the only thing burning is coal , while my heart lazy frozen , devoid of emotions , […]

Trapped (Trigger Warning)

Pushed against the concrete wall , chains on my arms , swords on one side , arrows on the other . Both start piercing my soul , but stop in the middle , leaving a sharp pain . Blood oozing out , each drop a hope being a hope of mine being shattered . Everything […]