You left me bereft of igniting sparks , In this dull , whispering world  , You left on my body many marks , The only ones I cherish , The only ones I wish wouldn’t fade . You made me see the ocean as waves of calmness , Instead of my usual view of calamity , […]

Poem – The Final Moments 

She stood in front of the mirror , Before her stood unwanted . Messy hair , hollow face , dark circles ,  Before her stood ugly ,  Disfigured , Disproportionate , Disformed . She look at her hands  She took it out from her pocket , Red drops slowly flooding  The once white sink Now a […]

Poem – Falling Leaves 

The leaves fell down one by one ,  All losing their personality  Overshadowed by ones more vibrant .  They gave up on hope ,  She tried to stop them ,  But things never go the way you want it ,  Do they ?  Slowly , they left ,  Never to be heard from again ,  […]