Poem – The Final Moments 

She stood in front of the mirror , Before her stood unwanted .

Messy hair , hollow face , dark circles , 
Before her stood ugly , 

Disfigured , Disproportionate , Disformed .

She look at her hands 

She took it out from her pocket ,

Red drops slowly flooding 

The once white sink

Now a rich burgundy .
Her own beautiful death , 

Planned out with such precision 

That the end result was perfection 

Poem – Falling Leaves 

The leaves fell down one by one , 
All losing their personality 

Overshadowed by ones more vibrant . 
They gave up on hope , 

She tried to stop them , 

But things never go the way you want it , 

Do they ? 
Slowly , they left , 

Never to be heard from again , 

Never to be seen again , 

Only their shadow remained