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Conquering My Inner Introvert – Part 2

Daily Prompt - Label Consider this a Part 2 to one of my previous posts. In my last post, I wrote about how being an introvert is fine and there is nothing wrong with it. But, boy was I wrong. Being an introvert is wrong in so many ways. It's bad that you prefer being… Continue reading Conquering My Inner Introvert – Part 2

Daily Prompt

Conquering Our Inner Introvert

Daily Prompt - Conquer Introverts . Mysterious, Quiet, Observer. Words that are used to describe each other. Introverts are people who are generally more attentive, listen and take logical decisions as opposed to hasty ones. It's hard for an introvert nowadays, you always get judged. I for one used to be an introvert, I still… Continue reading Conquering Our Inner Introvert

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Guilty Pleasures – Contoversy

Daily Prompt -Controversy Let's accept it. We all love controversy. As much as we all deny it, controversy and drama are our guilty pleasures. Some might think it's wrong to budge into other people's personal lives where it's unwanted, but it's human nature. It's in every human's nature to indulge themselves in drama and controversy… Continue reading Guilty Pleasures – Contoversy