She sat their held to the chair , the rusting chains so tight , her arms strained . On her feet it tied so hard , it left bruises on the surface . 

The candle above slowly started dripping wax , slowly falling down her shoulder , drop by drop , it sat there , cooled quickly by the ice in her heart , the ice that would never melt . 

Ahead of her stood an angel , one with white ethereal wings and cashmere robes , with knife hot as ember and eyes dark as coal . 

The bucket beside her filled with molten gold , a gift for her the angel said , oh , what fool’s gold . 

The bricks surrounding the entrapment slowly start to crumble , from years of unforgiving usage , they slowly start to break . 

She didn’t try to escape , after all , all the previous attempts were futile , she didn’t try to budge , aware of how dead tired her limbs are . 

Her eyes were open , her heart was beating , fear radiated within her , every step the angel took caused a creak behind from her . What the angel didn’t know , she had already sucked the life from her soul . 


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