Every drop that fell on her blood stained face didn’t seem to wash away the pain that came with it . 

The deep scaly scars imprinted on her sunlit skin didn’t show the monsters feeding off of her . 

The rose thorns beneath her feet didn’t seem to visually deceive her more than those rock filled hearts did . 

Crossing the stream didn’t seem to test her as much as those cruel inflictions on her patience did .

She resonated more with the seemingly incomprehensible wild creatures than those who resembled her in physicality .   

The bed of leaves that she lay on ,seemed more comfortable that the pure cashmere silk she was constricted to . 

The tall , looming pines sheltered her more than her guardians did , protecting her from the dangers of nature , which were more predictable than those she faced within the walls of her abode . 

The faint sound of crickets tingled in her ears washing away the harsh voices of speculation and rumors . 

Her mapless journey seemed to move more in the right direction than her life did . 

Her enigmatic soul reduced to cinder , burning all that came near it . 


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