The Walls That Once Were

I was a broken mess when you saw me ,

Unarmed , unguarded , open .

You took that opportunity and broke my walls ,

The walls that held the broken pieces together ,

And rebuilt it with ours .

You took me into safety ,

In this dark , dangerous world ,

You saved me from the predators ,

By being my protector .

You became the light to my soul ,

But I only filled your heart with darkness ,

You became my cure ,

I became your curse .

You nursed my wounds ,

Only for me to shoot you and leave you to die .

You planted the tree of our relationship,

While I poisoned it with betrayal .

I took your trust for granted ,

Your love as a weapon ,

Your care as a entitlement .

All those times I went out and kissed another’s lips ,

Right after you left lingering ones on my own ,

All those times I reigned the broken soul ,

I spent breaking you .

It crushed you when I went and built another’s wall ,

After crumbling ours with grenades .

I wouldn’t say I was mad , but I sure wasn’t thinking right ,

When I came back and expected everything to be the same

When I saw you the other day ,

Smiling for the first time after long ,

After all torture I put you through ,

After all the pain I caused .

The only thing I wanted was to hug you , to say I’m sorry ,

To say I was stupid , stupid to hurt someone like you ,

I wanted the revive our past ,

To run into your arms and turn things into the way it was before ,

Only to see someone else run into those arms instead ,

Only to see someone rebuilding the soul I left for dead.


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