You left me bereft of igniting sparks ,

In this dull , whispering world  ,

You left on my body many marks ,

The only ones I cherish ,

The only ones I wish wouldn’t fade .

You made me see the ocean as waves of calmness ,

Instead of my usual view of calamity ,

The waves as each new chapter of my life ,

Each new tide washing away the darkness left behind .

You never let my glassy eyes drip ,

You stayed despite the baggage ,

You made my pale face come back to life ,

Everytime time you wiped away my tears  .

You didn’t pick me up when I fell down ,

You made me get up alone ,

Then hugged me when I did.

When you saw me lying on the grass alone ,

You didn’t pick me up ,

Instead you drove me to laughter with lines you pick up other girls with .

You were the only one who took away the pain of the scars ,

The scars that everyone else ignored ,

The scars I was advised to forget ,

The scars that left me half-dead.

Everyone else told me to leave ,

You told me to stay .

I did , and I don’t regret it ,

I just wish you were here too ,

I wish you never left .

I still brew your favorite coffee everyday  ,

You’d only drink it if I made it ,

I wish you were to here to drink it ,

Instead I drink it all alone .

The electryfying sparks you gave me ,

The smile only you could put on my face ,

Now it looks unempathetic , dead .

You left without a word ,

Making every word spoken word by you just air ,

The light you brought into my life ,

Ended up stripping you away of yours .

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