Trapped (Trigger Warning)

Pushed against the concrete wall , chains on my arms , swords on one side , arrows on the other .

Both start piercing my soul , but stop in the middle , leaving a sharp pain . Blood oozing out , each drop a hope being a hope of mine being shattered . Everything gets blurry , yet I seem to enjoy the darkness , everything becomes monotone , yet I enjoy it more than dull color .

The chains slowly expose the shadow of my veins , which are . now blue as the dark sapphire . My weak back feels even more crushed against the rough wall . The rough wall which once was once smooth .

The tears and blood mix together only leaving a crimson pool on the floor , half dried up , half not .

The months of trying to escape made me realize one thing – The failure of my resilience , my perseverance , of myself . The months I wasted trying to escape the apparent torture only to realize I’ll never escape . Maybe I’m destined to be trapped forever , in my own sorrow , in perpetual loneliness , isolated from the rest of humanity .

I might never escape , I might forego chances of leaving , as it’s now my daily routine to let the arrows and swords pierce me , to let the chains restrict my freedom and the walls remind me of my unending darkness .

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