Change Your Outlook

I Don’t Fit Society’s​ Standards

I don’t fit. I don’t fit into this super exclusive clique that allows only the “perfect”.

I’m sorry  I don’t post edited pictures of me with dark captions that don’t even relate to me. I’m sorry that my pictures reflect my goofiness and not my dangerous side or my “hot” side.

I’m sorry that I don’t want to befriend every single popular kid in the school.

I’m sorry I don’t excel in every sport, for not being an over the top team member.

I’m sorry that all my clothes aren’t body hugging or revealing. I’m sorry for not knowing the latest fashion .

I’m sorry for not knowing the lyrics to songs that were released two days ago.

I’m sorry for not wanting to put someone down for selfish reasons. For not secretly snickering at someone just so I feel mightier than them.

I’m sorry for accepting everyone the way they are, even though they aren’t sexy, popular or athletic.

I’m sorry that I don’t find the need to cringe at people having fun.


I’m not sorry that I’m not perfect , but isn’t the imperfect more appealing ?

I’m not sorry that my pictures aren’t insta-worthy because, at the end of the day, it’s my damn account, and I should be able to post whatever the hell I want to, without anyone’s destructive criticism .

I’m not sorry that I befriend anyone who’s nice, irrespective of how popular they are, irrespective of the followers they have, the parties they go to. I’m not sorry for giving more importance to personality than clothes or fame .

I’m not sorry for not being the most athletic person around but trust me I try.

I’m not sorry for wearing whatever I want. If someone wants to wear body-hugging, let them wear it. If someone prefers baggy clothing, then that’s fine too . I’m not sorry for not following the latest trends and instead of wearing what fits me.

I’m not sorry that I don’t mind embarrassing myself because that’s just me. I am sorry , however for giving you another  “reason ” to further degrade me.

I’m not sorry for not cringing at other’s lows because we all make mistakes. I’m sorry for not making fun of people having fun because I don’t want to ruin it for them.

I’m not sorry for not knowing the lyrics to songs I obviously don’t know the meaning of, let alone know the words .

I’m not sorry that I don’t share the same interests as you because we’re all different.

I’m not sorry for accepting people in their truest form because at the end of the day’s no one’s effing perfect. We’re all human.  It doesn’t whether you wear Gucci or clothes from Meena Bazaar , whether you drink from Starbucks or the roadside tea stall , whether you were invited to coolest party of the year or  not, whether you are one of the populars or one of the underdogs, whether your Instagram post has 10 likes or 100 likes, whether you have perfect cheekbones or not, because you’re fine just the way you are . And don’t listen to anyone who says otherwise .

12 thoughts on “I Don’t Fit Society’s​ Standards”

  1. Very well put and beautifully written. There is a lot of passion in your writing and it is inspiring. I believe that perfection is always a matter of perspective and when you find that angle that makes the world and the universe sparkle like a constellation; well then you won’t have time to give nay-sayers a thought. Great things ahead!

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