Change Your Outlook

I’m Toxic

I can sometimes be lethal .

No , I am lethal . 

I’m the poison that washes away your health , drains you out of the color that gives you life . I’m the drug that makes you feel good but slowly shuts you down , without you even knowing . 

I’m a bad force to be reckoned with . I can bring you down so much that even steps to climb are far up . I can crush your soul until it turns into ashes , blown away by the gust of wind pitying your condition . 

I can strip you off everything you have and tie you to the ground , where you can’t escape , no matter how much you struggle .

I can brainwash you into thinking I’m good , when I’m your only enemy . I can use you so much , that the only thing left in yu to exploit is your lifeless mind , which is sent to the gutters . 

I’m the thorn that you try to avoid when plucking a rose . I’m that thorn that makes you bleed until you’re dead white . The thorn that makes you cry in pain .

I can hurl you to the cave , lock you in the dark and leave you to perish .

I’m the evil queen that everyone despises , that everyone tells you not to be . 

I’m the overlooked cactus in the oasis , the ignored shadow . When I do what’s assigned to me , I end up being the one suffering .
I can kill you , but I won’t , because if I did , we both would die together .

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