Antagonist or Ploy In Her Own Game ? 

They say friends come and go , but family always stays .

But , that isn’t the case every time is it ? 

I was a pampered child , not denying that . I got a lot of attention from everyone , not denying that either . But there was one , who loved me to no bits , yet the jealousy got to them .

I was a selfish child , the years of pampering did me no good in the end . I’d always wanted things my way , I was so blinded , I thought everyone loved me , only to realize that my entire life was a lie .

We always felt secluded yet part of our family . Almost like we were the centre of it , just the isolated one . Somehow we’d be the ones to bring everyone together , yet we’d be the ones ignored .

Time flies , doesn’t it ? Soon everyone cared less and less about me , which was completely my fault by the way . But the time I tried to become better , I was tested , tested to no limits . 

Harsh words , obvious favoritism , ignorance , partiality , things that I got used to , things that I learnt to overlook .

The one filled with jealousy , well they had a plan of they’re own . Tearing me up to shreds , while building themsleves a file . Putting me down was easy for them , I always took other’s words to heart , hence highlighting my faults didn’t make me any better , it made me worse . With such easy did they make me the antagonist of my own story , while they stood as the hero . 

You’d think someone as selfish as me wouldn’t take these words to heart . My selfishness emerged from loneliness , I’d figured being selfish was the only way to bring back the lost attention .
They knew how to win other hearts , while I lost all of them . They knew how to love by spewing out hate . They won everyone’s hearts by tearing up the ones I cherished , the one’s I never fully got back again . They seemed to act like they did no wrong , they were right . I was the tyrannical dictator , they the innocent citizen . 

They aren’t bad to us anymore , after all they had what they wanted , now anything they did was accepted , while my every action was and still is condemned. 

Now that I think of it , making me my own antagonist did me good . Alhough my family and I were portrayed as being worse than we are , I guess it did make some of us better , maybe not for our own good all the time , but atleast those close to us .

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