Poem : Roses and Thorns

Hii ! I remember reading this book  where the two main characters exchanged their lives because they craved something different and that got me thinking ,  why haven’t I become Ronald McDonald’s daughter yet ? Either ways I hope you enjoy this and please share your thoughts on it as well . One more thing – a huge thanks to Luna at GamersUnitedGG whose recent post also served as inspiration for this poem . Also please tell me if you guys would like a follow up of this poem . I’ve never used the word poem so many times before 😐< a href=”http://gamersunitedgg.com”>Luna’s Blog<<
er flamboyant lifestyle drew many around her ,

Her glistening eyes captivated those who saw her ,

Her prescence in the room could make anyone bow .

But she wanted less , she'd rather covet the status of a wallflower ,

Than the "stageflower" she was now .<
he was no princess of a kingdom ,

Yet she was a princess to those who knew her ,

Her sharp vision bewildered more than a few ,

Her lean , muscular arms were envied by many ,

But , like the saying , one doesn't want what one has ,

The concept of royalty interested her more ,

The radiant tiara that she lusted for .<<
ometimes , we lust what we don't have , but will pursuing it fulfill our lust or will we crave for another ?


6 thoughts on “Poem : Roses and Thorns”

  1. Wow I’m honored to have inspired such beauty in writing. Thank you.

    The poem is great, I really like it and I can see how you used your talents to portray the character. Really well done 😁


    Liked by 1 person

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