Lillith – Five Sentence Story Prompt

Five Sentence Story Prompt

Some people have a passion for art , some for business , some love , some cooking , however Lillith had a diferent kind of passion , a passion for hurt , a passion to hurt herself so much that she just became an easel for her wounds .

Lillith was different from the others you see, she despised her own very own self , she had this inexplicable desire to erase her existence just so someone else more “worthy” could take her place .

She took a silver piece of metal , so tiny yet capable of so much , she looked at it , and wondered if she’s making the wrong decision .

She looked into the mirror and that’s when she realized that her passion for the scars on her arms were after all not really passion at all , it was simply a desire , masquerading as a passion .

She looked at her blade and and tossed it away , grabbing the marker in her pocket and opening the notepad . She wrote this -” Let passion and desires be part of you , don’t let them consume you , because after all all passion without soul is like a tree without roots .”

5 thoughts on “Lillith – Five Sentence Story Prompt”

  1. Wow that was so dark but so beautiful as well. There’s so many themes displayed in this short story and I love it. The contrast between pain and pleasure, the strength that each individual has to find to get over their obstacles and the intelligence to transfer that energy into another outlet. I love it. Thank you for sharing!

    -Luna ❤

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