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Songspirations – Stay – Alessia Cara , Zedd 

Stay, such a small word with so much meaning. Often used with promises, promises that are broken.

I wish I stayed. I left, left her alone, knowing how much it would hurt her, not once did I turn back, if I did then maybe she would have been with me now, maybe she wouldn’t have left me all alone like I did to her

I remember the first time I met her, I was a toddler. She taught me not to touch fire, not to jump from a building, to stay calm.

Growing up, she was my best friend, she was always there for me, made life a thousand times better.

Then I turned 13, life got twisted,  we slowly started drifting, me towards the future, her standing there waiving goodbye. I took her for granted. She let me take advantage of her, not once did she complain. One day, she couldn’t take it and I left when it should have been the opposite. I left her, left her for getting mad at me. I thought she would come running back, she didn’t. She had other friends, friends better than me. They were my friends too until they too decided it was to leave.

If I stayed that day, she would have been with me, she wouldn’t be missing when I needed her the most. The burdens she took for me while I kept stacking it on her, I wish I had appreciated her, not left her for getting mad at me for a reason.
I stand here now, begging for forgiveness, I kneel down, wanting her back, I can’t go living like this without her, I want her to stay, forever and forever more.

Sanity, come back, I’ve realized my mistake, I won’t ever ask you to leave, please don’t leave me either.


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