Poem : Lines from Depression : The Prequel

I wrote this poem long ago , don’t remember why , but I slowly think I recall what made me so sad because I’m being chased , chased by a monster who won’t give up , until they’ve won .

When a  drop of the ocean sinks deep down ,To a place that has no meaning .
Where hope is missing ,

And life has no reason .
When no one understands you ,

And everyone beguiles you .
When you feel less than a sand grain in the desert ,

When everyone you care about slowly tear you apart.
When you want to kill yourself ,

Fast but not physically painful,

Listen to the people around you ,

Who make life less than worthless .
Words are thrown like shards into your tiny heart and looks like swords.
When moments of life get murdered ,

When life defines death .
Wishing that life will come together again ,

Until that day , you keep living .
Living a life that has no reason ,

Life where moments if happiness are overshadowed by the sad ones .
When life is incomplete .
But even a grain of sand has value


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