Little Miss Perfect

It’s funny how everyone expects you to be perfect , even when its impossible for anyone to be perfect by universal standards . Sure you may be perfect to some people but there are always people who will judge you , criticize you and expect you to be perfect.
I realize that everyone’s imperfect , I know there are certain things that one can’t change about themselves and they shouldn’t have to .
Insecurity is one of the biggest issues I’m dealing with . When combined with Perfectionism , it’s nothing less of a monster . It’s sad when the only thing you notice about yourself are your flaws and your mistakes.
Things don’t get any better when your parents pile on this huge bundle of expectations . I can’t be the “ideal” daughter but they fail to understand that . If I can accept that they are not perfect , why can’t they do the same for me ?
Is it selfish of me to ask everyone to stop worrying about me so much ? To stop finding more faults ? To stop comparing ? 
Multiple time have my parents compared me with my friends , despite them not knowing facts . I’m the devil , my friends are angels . I can’t be as studious as my smart friends , I can’t be as as sporty as the athletes , I can’t dance like a ballerina . 
Mistakes are meant to be made . You never learn from being right . Yet, when every mistake is an oppurtunity for someone to degrade you or insult you , you find yourself guarding your every move .
To my parents , and to everyone out there , I’m never going to be Little Miss Perfect , neither do I intend on being one . I do intend on being me , an insecure , “ugly” , “lazy” , “foolish” girl . 


2 thoughts on “Little Miss Perfect”

  1. Don’t let them bother you! Have you ever read a Wrinkle in Time? If not, you should. It’s one of my favorite books – because it’s ultimately about an awkward girl with glasses who discovers that the things she thinks are her flaws are her greatest strengths. Read it!

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