Dying Nature 

Submerged in a layer of algae and oil , plastic and glass , the creatures slowly succumbed to suffocation , never to see the sunlight again . The water slowly evaporated and whatever was left off turned black . Pitch black . Mother Earth cried tears , salty tears which weren’t enough to regenerate the water body , cursed the people who trashed it but ended blaming herself for spoiling them and letting them do whatever they want .
The beach drowned in it’s own waste . Painfully , but unnoticed . No one helped him , everyone deserted him , That’s basic human nature isn’t it ? Desert people when they are of no use to you . Is it not time we change ? Change our ways , or wasteful ways , our dangerous ways , our destrctive ways to something that can help sustain future life . 
Ships continued to sail but not one sailor looked over to see the captivating beach turn decaptivating . Everyone went their own way . Birds flew over it , murmuring their sadness of not being able to do anything . Salty tears overtook the beach . We all sat and watched , not one of us stood up. 
That’s how the beach ‘suicided’ or was unintentionally murdered by none other than the most developed yet the most selfish and cruel species – humans . 

We overlook her tears , we continue to suffocate her creations . We blame her for providing us enough , when we waste whatever’s available . We blame each other , but what good does that do ? It’s our collective responsibility to protect our Earth . Not one individual’s resposibility .
A lot of people are under the misconception that to saving the earth requires a lot of financial resources . In some areas , it does but throwing trash where it belongs itself helps a lot . Maybe try using paper bags , not all at once , that would be tedious , slowly but gradually reducing their use . Buy a seed ? Plant small plants , it still is involved in the process of photosynthesis , it can still give the ecosystem a tiny bit of oxygen , which may just be enough. No need to for marches or intensive programs to save nature if you don’t want to , tiny things like recycling and resuing . At this stage and rate of development of life , it is practically impossible to reduce utilization of resources , however much we want to reduce , so reusing whatever large amount of bags and paper and bottles and clothes we have would do great help , even if it looks tiny .


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