Copycat or Follower ?

This is the generation of trends and challenges . One person shares it , it goes viral and everyone’s doing it . A great example is the Mannequin Challenge . 

But has it gone overboard and have the challenges become less and less overboard ? The truth is that the challenges themselves have gone overboard and have reduced in originality . However , I do enjoy that a lot of people come together in these challenges and for once our disunited world is once again united .

There are some trends and challenges where so many people do it to the point where it becomes absolutely boring . Similar to how we get tired of a song after listening to it multiple times , challenges and trends get boring after a while .When it comes to challenges and trends , I’d call the people responding to it followers because they like the trend and they follow it , even though not religiously. 

It’s sad to see that almost anything and everything is considered ‘original’ nowadays . Let’s take the overgrowing popularity of slime for example , everyone makes the exact same slime , same color , same texture but they all have different names , so it’s deemed ‘original’ . If that were the case companies could easily replicate popular products , rename it and call it original . The thing is that in an effort to be nice people encourage such ‘originality’ . Appreciate the creators , but respectfully and politely criticise them as well .

We shouldn’t create a false sense of pride in anyone’s head , neither should we demean them to a point where they lose all their self esteem .

Everything needs to be done in balance . Balance is what’s missing in this world.  

In the end , All I would to say that in such trends and challenges stay true to them but add in something of your own which makes people distinguish your response or version . I’d like more originality in challenges , but in the end , hey ! It’s all about having fun !


3 thoughts on “Copycat or Follower ?”

  1. All these challenges just show the average IQ sinking šŸ˜€ I remember my parents would always say ‘if [insert name here] would jump off a bridge, would you do it too?’ and now it’s epic to follow the herd, the more people do the same stuff is what makes the cool kids cooler!

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