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Conquering Our Inner Introvert

Daily Prompt – Conquer

Introverts . Mysterious, Quiet, Observer. Words that are used to describe each other. Introverts are people who are generally more attentive, listen and take logical decisions as opposed to hasty ones.

It’s hard for an introvert nowadays, you always get judged. I for one used to be an introvert, I still like to think of myself as one, but I’m sure many people disagree. So for now and possibly forever, I define myself – an ambivert.

Being a quiet person in general, it was hard for me to open up to anyone, including family. I prefer being in my own shell of books, technology, and music. A lot of people call me reclusive, but I call myself independent, not financially but I am independent in the sense I can occupy myself without other’s assistance.

Conquering our Inner Introvert sounds as if being an introvert is wrong, it isn’t at all. Having attributes from both extroverts and introverts, I’d say I prefer introverts over extroverts any day. I’m a hypocrite here, though, as I pretend to be a cheery, bubbly, attention seeking extrovert all day because that’s apparently my ‘image’. If I act any differently from that, it is considered ‘weird’ or ‘unusual’. I hate myself for succumbing to pressure and changing my identity to someone I’m not.

I like to be alone. I recharge myself when I’m alone, yet I’m forced to be around people because that shows ‘good manners’.

Introverts aren’t perfect. So aren’t extroverts. Being an introvert or extrovert is not a choice, you’re born with it and no one should tell you to change it, whether you are an introvert or an extrovert. It’s time people accepted each other who they are, maybe advise them when they are wrong but never blame someone for not fitting into a certain character which is still prevalent in many societies. Someone who is generally quiet is considered as an ‘ill-mannered’ person. I may not be able to maintain eye contact with everyone and that’s not because I’m lying or I’m nervous, I’m not used to it and I feel uncomfortable.

For all those introverts out there, there is no such thing as Conquering our Inner Introvert. Opening up to people is a different thing and you should take your time with it. Being an introvert isn’t bad. It’s best to keep opinions to yourself and not voice it when unnecessary. Unfortunately, I can’t and that’s sad but I’m slowly working on keeping opinions to myself, not because of fear, but to keep the validity of the opinion as it takes only 10 seconds for an opinion to be declared “not valid”. I might talk about that some other time.

If you are reading this and you are an introvert or know someone who is introverted then please share it with them and tell them to brace their inner introvert.


12 thoughts on “Conquering Our Inner Introvert”

  1. I love that you find out things on your own! I’ll put in my two cents here: Don’t box in, jump out😉!
    As in let’s be free of categories … We all have qualities on a continuum … little of this, more of that😄like a favourite recipe!

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