Waking Up ( Change Your Outlook ) 

I just woke up a few seconds ago and just came to the realization that waking up is what starts your whole day . If you don’t wake up , you are dead , both literally and metamorphically . There are a million different ways of waking up , in hundreds of countries , but is there one effective way of waking up ?

You know , a lot of people may disagree with me but I think that the way a person wakes up is different when they are different situations .

You might be thinking , why is she choosing such a topic to write on ? Well , I believe its the tiny things which always gets misinterpreted and misunderstood .

A lot of people fail to realize that the mood you wake up with ,affects your whole day . If you’re grouchy when you wake up , you’re grouchy the rest of the day .I love waking up on Fridays . Why ? Because I’m positive I have a fun , productive day ahead of me . 

I get that there are a lot of reasons to not be happy while waking up . School , financial issues , expectations or just the world itself makes you stressful .

Think of this situation . There are two people , with the same intellectual capacity , with the same capability and memory . Ho wever , both have a different outlook on life . 

Before I get further into this example I would like to explain that the outlook a person has on life is based on their observations and their bringing up . A person brought up with difficulties has a higher chance of being pessimistic rather than optimistic . Not insinuating that he can’t become an optimistic person but its likely he won’t . 

It’s sad that I can never be truly optimistic , I try to be for the sake of others , otherewise I was brought up to be a realist .I find that whenever I am optimistic , I end up disappointed . Realism gives me a clearer view of life . I do distinguish happiness and optimism as two different things . If you guys wish to read something towards those lines , i’ll be more than happy to do so , just leave me a comment.

Moving on , These two people wake up differently , one wakes up by complaining and going straight to that coffee , the other wakes up by appreciating his life and going straight to that pepsi . What I’m trying to say is that there is no perfect way of waking up . While it is scientifically proven up with an optimistic attitude makes your day a whole lot better , however it’s just the perspective that you look at the situations that make your day better or worse and not the actual situations themselves .

Many people , if you made reading it till here , might think that I’m going to criticize the drinking choices of the two people . If such people existed , I’d advice them but if they aren’t willing to change , I leave it at that . We are not to decide how other people live their life . The effect they have later on their life , that’s their story and one we are not to judge….

Now irrespective of the drinks they choose,  they both woke up with a different outlook on life . Can I predict what their day will have in store for them ? Absolutely not , I leave that to my frenemy – Destiny . Can I predict how their overall day might be like  ? Kinda . The person with the happy attitude is more likely to have a happy day and the other , well you can guess . Notice how I have not definetely defined their day , but I have just given two varied possibilities , because like everything in life , in the end it’s unpredictable .

So with all my rambling , I have an answer. There is no perfect way of walking up . The situations that destiny has planned for you will not change irrespective of one’s optimistic or  pessinistic attitude . The perspective you view those situations , however can tilt that day for better or for worse . 

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18 thoughts on “Waking Up ( Change Your Outlook ) ”

  1. Your photo with your cat is so lovely. I was distracted 😂. Anyway, I agree with you that outlook in life can be affected by how people were brought up. Based on psychology, you can try to understand how a person views life and everything in it by knowing his familial background. Please, don’t get me wrong, it’s also not all of it that defines a person but it can tell us a lot.

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  2. I have 2 cats and one of them is a real sweetheart when it comes to waking me in the mornings. Waking up to soft purring and seeing a fluffy cat face at the start of the day, I literally wake up with a smile every day she wakes me and I accomplish more in the mornings, too!

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  3. Wow! It was a different take on a simple act of living. Very philosophical and thought provoking. I think I just befriended a sweet philosopher here. Yayy! 😀 🙂

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  4. Interesting article!
    The topic you chose was unconventional but it definitely made me think 🙂
    I would love to see an article by you on optimism vs happiness btw.

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