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Is Luck Just A Figment of Our Imagination ?

Daily Prompt – Luck

Luck .

Four letters . One Syllable . Every person defines it differently , every religion interprets it differently , but is luck an actual phenomenon or is it just our imagination playing tricks with us ?

The word itself originated in the 1400-1500 as a part of Late Middle English an Middle Dutch .

Luck is what all of us hope for , what all of us may or may not get .Luck is unexpected , it’s like a wave , you know its coming but are unsure of when . The difference between waves and luck are that waves are scientifically proven and accepted by everyone , luck isn’t .

Do I believe in luck ? Yes , absolutely . Is luck an ingredient to hard work ? Not necessarily , it can encourage people to work harder but it isn’t necessary that one who works hard runs into luck.

Luck is a contradiction in itself . The word itself is supposed to signify something good , or so I thought . Then why is there such a thing as bad luck ?

Our world has run into this so called “bad luck” . Corrupt officials , disintegrating nature , animal extinction, loss of faith in humanity , selfishness . Are all of these causes of bad luck or are they adjectives to describe bad luck ?

Does luck vary from person to another . Can one situation be good luck for one and bad for another ? These are questions I can’t definitely answer , for I myself am confused.

It’s ironic how a four letter word can put all our heads in a frenzy.

The concept of luck is way beyond the scope of my imagination , it makes me giddy to be honest . How is something that in concept is supposed to be so simple but confuses me instead .

The word ‘luck’ has perplexed me for years . What is the true meaning of luck ? Is it just a synonym for fortune or destiny ? Or are all our perceptions on luck totally wrong ?


2 thoughts on “Is Luck Just A Figment of Our Imagination ?”

  1. Good point.
    For me, luck is faith that if something is for you, it really is for you even if you’re not fully convinced with it. It’s also an opportunity. If you were at the right time and grabbed it, it works for you well.

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