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Guilty Pleasures – Contoversy

Daily Prompt -Controversy

Let’s accept it. We all love controversy. As much as we all deny it, controversy and drama are our guilty pleasures. Some might think it’s wrong to budge into other people’s personal lives where it’s unwanted, but it’s human nature. It’s in every human’s nature to indulge themselves in drama and controversy once in a while, even if its wrong

The word originated in the 1300-1400 and has English, French and Latin roots.

But what actually do we gain from controversy? Happiness ? Satisfaction ?Comfort ?

Curiosity . Controversy satisfies our curiosity to know things, sometimes things that are not meant for us to know, but we know it anyways. Curiosity is good. I love having the incentive to know new things but for issues like someone’s marriage or divorce, I doubt the righteousness of curiosity.

Controversy varies in the eye of the beholder. For a spectator, it is juicy and really interesting. For the person caught up in the controversy, it isn’t as well. They are subject to judgment, to opinion and most importantly hatred.

I used to love drama and controversy as well. Being an avid fan of YouTube, it was only a matter of time before I was engulfed in the channels of John Kuckian and Karina Kaboom.

Then I realized, controversy isn’t always facts, it’s a mixture of gossip, rumors, and facts. What good does it do for me to add my opinion into it, it isn’t making things any better, is it?

To be aware of controversy is one thing, to add fuel to the fire is another. Bigotry is a major characteristic in controversy. Everyone has a side or an opinion, publicized or unpublicized. If someone disapproves of another’s opinion, it just adds to the fire.

Do I think controversy is necessary for progress and development? Mixed feelings. I enjoy the idea of public discussion on a topic but when no one is willing to accept constructive criticism and ideas, then it turns into drama, which is unnecessary, which in turn opens a whole new door of lies, rumors and uncredible facts.

There are people who feed off of  controversy. Are they bad people? No . It’s their wish whether they want to indulge themselves in it or not. The only time it is bad is when they verbally or physically abuse those involved in the controversy.

If you think about it, controversy is something we create, us drama loving humans. It doesn’t just pop up, it has roots.  Those roots strongly cling on to the soil which is a platform for the tiny little issue to grow into a large controversy.

I avoid controversy unless the topic being discussed is valid or if it affects the future of a community or the world or if it is a question of national importance and when our opinions calm down the fire rather than aggravate it.

Controversy once used to be a valid topic, one to be debated no discussed on, now the simplest thing is controversy. Seriously someone going to McDonalds is not a controversy, it’s their choice, we don’t have the right to give our opinion it.

Controversy now consists of menial situations, not even issues, opinions for people to hate on, people’s clothing choices, jokes. It’s about everyone’s personal life because like I said there is nothing we love more than other people’s lives. Will controversy ever actually retain it’s original importance or has it turned into a something all of us are tired of?

What does controversy mean to you?


8 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasures – Contoversy”

  1. Controversy and Hypocrisy are issues that we are bound to live with. They prove that we live in a world that is ‘GREY’ and there is no clear distinction such as black and white. After all, we live in a real world and not an utopia. A great post indeed!!! 😊

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  2. Maybe it’s the general lack of excitement in the normal lives of normal people. The drama, thrill and controversy spark some serious adrenalin rush after all haha


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