Faith in Humanity

Humanity used to have a lot of meaning , but slowly the depths of its understanding is disintegrating into exterior beauty and fake kindness. 

Humanity , in my opinion , in addition to kindness also means standing up for whats right . However ,a lot of people are afraid , afraid of death . Everyone is intolerant nowadays , no different opinion other than one’s own is accepted .

In this world of bigotry , how are we to survive ? Isn’t it criticism that progressed our world ? The Renaissance itself was a result of opening up to new ideas , ideas that were once considered “idiotic” and not plausible.

Pre – Renaissance was known as the Dark Ages for a reason , we don’t want it to come back now do we ?
Everyone is divided by religion , by race , by melanin concentration , all for what ? The world isn’t progressing , our minds are regressing , only technology is advanced . It’s only a matter of time before Artificial Intelligence replaces us all . 
Religion is belief , it shouldn’t be forced upon anyone , otherwise it wouldn’t be a ‘belief’ .  

As for trends , Mannequin Challenge , Running Man Challenge , older generations despised it , but what’s the harm in it ? A bit of fun never killed anyone , I doubt it would kill you .
But when do things get out of hand ? Ah , that’s where it all lies to . For one YouTube video or for an Instagram post , people start using other’s weaknesses , that’s when it gets out of hand .

Pranks . I enjoy them , I really do . Extreme pranks however , they are not my cup of tea . I prefer my tea having happiness and silliness , not traumatization and terror . 
It’s easy to blame others , why not offer them advice instead ? People are less and less willing to accept criticism as hate is all they get . Why not be nice when advising somebody ? Why not be understanding ?
Future generations have little hope if intolerance is our future . Our once luscious green earth is now dull brown , maybe we can’t renew it , but we might as well try . Our ancestors succeeded in not destroying , why should we be termed as the “Destroyers” ?
  Let’s all work together ! Our contributions may not be much , however a billion droplets form an ocean.
Multiple evident cases , ones I wish to get into more , ones I wish to get into more , but won’t due to fear , irrational fear of hate , of threats , all because of my differed opinion.
Comment your thoughts below , I would love to hear them and have an discussion , until then , have an amazing day ahead ! 

9 thoughts on “Faith in Humanity”

  1. Reading this, a song from Black Eyed Peas, ‘Where is the love?’ came to mind. This song and your post are both on point. How saddening the people turned into? More talk, less action and compassion šŸ˜­šŸ˜­šŸ˜­

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