Simple Little Things

A lot of us tend to ignore the simple things in life , the things that are so minuscule compared to larger luxuries but bring us more comfort than others .

What are ‘Simple Little Things’ ? As I like to call them . In Gauri’s unofficial official dictionary Simple Little Things are those small situations or objects that give you more pleasure and happiness than something big or obvious .

An example that all of us can related to is is quenching your thirst . Water has no taste , it is so called the ‘tasteless’ liquid . Yet we find ourselves drinking it the most . The true taste of this clear ,sparkling liquid is only experienced when you’ve run that marathon and your mouth is parched or after that painful exam that brought cramps to your palms and when you have that sip of water , you realize that water is indeed not tasteless , but deep inside those molecules of Hydrogen and Oxygen is sweet , delicious nectar.

The perfect scoop of peanut butter , the perfectly fried french fries , finding out your phone isn’t destroyed , perfectly peeling off plastic , the previous alliteration all are simple little things that make me happy .

Everyone’s ‘Simple Little Things’ are different . Mine may be all related to food , yours may not.

Maybe something in these glass painted windows might make you happy . Or the unnoticed designs on the walls might as well .

Share some of your ‘Simple Little Things’ in the comments , maybe a new friendship awaits you .


39 thoughts on “Simple Little Things”

  1. I feel like my best simple little things are experienced when I am outdoors! The smell after it rains is a beautiful, yet simple, little thing. ((But food is also a wonderful simple little thing. Amen to perfect scoops of peanut butter and perfectly fried french fries)) πŸ™‚

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