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A lot of us tend to ignore the simple things in life , the things that are so minuscule compared to larger luxuries but bring us more comfort than others .

What are ‘Simple Little Things’ ? As I like to call them . In Gauri’s unofficial official dictionary Simple Little Things are those small situations or objects that give you more pleasure and happiness than something big or obvious .

An example that all of us can related to is is quenching your thirst . Water has no taste , it is so called the ‘tasteless’ liquid . Yet we find ourselves drinking it the most . The true taste of this clear ,sparkling liquid is only experienced when you’ve run that marathon and your mouth is parched or after that painful exam that brought cramps to your palms and when you have that sip of water , you realize that water is indeed not tasteless , but deep inside those molecules of Hydrogen and Oxygen is sweet , delicious nectar.

The perfect scoop of peanut butter , the perfectly fried french fries , finding out your phone isn’t destroyed , perfectly peeling off plastic , the previous alliteration all are simple little things that make me happy .

Everyone’s ‘Simple Little Things’ are different . Mine may be all related to food , yours may not.

Maybe something in these glass painted windows might make you happy . Or the unnoticed designs on the walls might as well .

Share some of your ‘Simple Little Things’ in the comments , maybe a new friendship awaits you .

Hii ! 

I’m going to try to explain this briefly , but this is basically my journey of becoming a better person .

I’ve recently noticed that while I’m at the pivot of materialisitc things in my opinions , I’ve given up my values and everything I care for . 

What once was so important to me , now seems less than a grain of sand .

The empathy that once used to be my personality , now is overshadowed by my monotonous one.

The love that I craved so much and finally got , I again lose my grasp on .

When I had heart full of humanity , now is pure evil . 

Then self realization hit me , it’s never too late to start , maybe its time I become empathetic again , restore the soul from my soulesss body once and for all

Poem – The Final Moments 

She stood in front of the mirror , Before her stood unwanted .

Messy hair , hollow face , dark circles , 
Before her stood ugly , 

Disfigured , Disproportionate , Disformed .

She look at her hands 

She took it out from her pocket ,

Red drops slowly flooding 

The once white sink

Now a rich burgundy .
Her own beautiful death , 

Planned out with such precision 

That the end result was perfection 

Poem – Falling Leaves 

The leaves fell down one by one , 
All losing their personality 

Overshadowed by ones more vibrant . 
They gave up on hope , 

She tried to stop them , 

But things never go the way you want it , 

Do they ? 
Slowly , they left , 

Never to be heard from again , 

Never to be seen again , 

Only their shadow remained

Poem : Lines from Depression : The Prequel

I wrote this poem long ago , don’t remember why , but I slowly think I recall what made me so sad because I’m being chased , chased by a monster who won’t give up , until then .

When a  drop of the ocean sinks deep down ,To a place that has no meaning .
Where hope is missing , 

And life has no reason .
When no one understands you ,

And everyone beguiles you . 
When you feel less than a sand grain in the desert ,

When everyone you care about slowly tear you apart. 
When you want to kill yourself ,

Fast but not physically painful,

Listen to the people around you ,

Who make life less than worthless .
Words are thrown like shards into your tiny heart and looks like swords.
When moments of life get murdered , 

When life defines death .
Wishing that life will come together again ,

Until that day , you keep living .
Living a life that has no reason ,

Life where moments if happiness are overshadowed by the sad ones .
When life is incomplete .
But even a grain of sand has value 

Little Miss Perfect

It’s funny how everyone expects you to be perfect , even when its impossible for anyone to be perfect by universal standards . Sure you may be perfect to some people but there are always people who will judge you , criticize you and expect you to be perfect.
I realize that everyone’s imperfect , I know there are certain things that one can’t change about themselves and they shouldn’t have to .
Insecurity is one of the biggest issues I’m dealing with . When combined with Perfectionism , it’s nothing less of a monster . It’s sad when the only thing you notice about yourself are your flaws and your mistakes.
Things don’t get any better when your parents pile on this huge bundle of expectations . I can’t be the “ideal” daughter but they fail to understand that . If I can accept that they are not perfect , why can’t they do the same for me ?
Is it selfish of me to ask everyone to stop worrying about me so much ? To stop finding more faults ? To stop comparing ? 
Multiple time have my parents compared me with my friends , despite them not knowing facts . I’m the devil , my friends are angels . I can’t be as studious as my smart friends , I can’t be as as sporty as the athletes , I can’t dance like a ballerina . 
Mistakes are meant to be made . You never learn from being right . Yet, when every mistake is an oppurtunity for someone to degrade you or insult you , you find yourself guarding your every move .
To my parents , and to everyone out there , I’m never going to be Little Miss Perfect , neither do I intend on being one . I do intend on being me , an insecure , “ugly” , “lazy” , “foolish” girl . 

Dying Nature 

Dying Nature 

Submerged in a layer of algae and oil , plastic and glass , the creatures slowly succumbed to suffocation , never to see the sunlight again . The water slowly evaporated and whatever was left off turned black . Pitch black . Mother Earth cried tears , salty tears which weren’t enough to regenerate the water body , cursed the people who trashed it but ended blaming herself for spoiling them and letting them do whatever they want .
The beach drowned in it’s own waste . Painfully , but unnoticed . No one helped him , everyone deserted him , That’s basic human nature isn’t it ? Desert people when they are of no use to you . Is it not time we change ? Change our ways , or wasteful ways , our dangerous ways , our destrctive ways to something that can help sustain future life . 
Ships continued to sail but not one sailor looked over to see the captivating beach turn decaptivating . Everyone went their own way . Birds flew over it , murmuring their sadness of not being able to do anything . Salty tears overtook the beach . We all sat and watched , not one of us stood up. 
That’s how the beach ‘suicided’ or was unintentionally murdered by none other than the most developed yet the most selfish and cruel species – humans . 

We overlook her tears , we continue to suffocate her creations . We blame her for providing us enough , when we waste whatever’s available . We blame each other , but what good does that do ? It’s our collective responsibility to protect our Earth . Not one individual’s resposibility .
A lot of people are under the misconception that to saving the earth requires a lot of financial resources . In some areas , it does but throwing trash where it belongs itself helps a lot . Maybe try using paper bags , not all at once , that would be tedious , slowly but gradually reducing their use . Buy a seed ? Plant small plants , it still is involved in the process of photosynthesis , it can still give the ecosystem a tiny bit of oxygen , which may just be enough. No need to for marches or intensive programs to save nature if you don’t want to , tiny things like recycling and resuing . At this stage and rate of development of life , it is practically impossible to reduce utilization of resources , however much we want to reduce , so reusing whatever large amount of bags and paper and bottles and clothes we have would do great help , even if it looks tiny .